Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to Fairbanks.

So Saturday was the return to Fairbanks.  The plan was to get an early start and be back in time for dinner but it took >3 hours to start the truck so we ended up getting back closer to 10pm after stopping at the Silver Gulch for dinner.  This meant that I did not get to go to the after launch party but at least was able to get cell phone reception early enough to text Meghan a question for Hans.  Thankfully he gave the go ahead for leaving the hundreds-of-pounds heated box in the Toolik truck for the weekend.

On the way we saw a ptarmigan and four moose.  Gus and his wife, who drove me back, dropped me off at the Wedgewood and I took a 3 minute shower, spent about 20 minutes looking for Pat's phone #, and then got him to come meet some of the gang at a local bar.  At least I didn't miss out on all of the fun!  We have some pictures but I'm not sure that I want them in the public domain.

However, please check out this link; Pat is now a Youtube star:

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