Thursday, March 12, 2009

PET workshop: Day 3.

Ugh!!!  Westmark won't replace my coffee creamer so I'm drinking nasty coffee AND it's black.  Totally lame...

Last night we toured Poker Flat Research Range!  Kathe Rich showed us a 40 year old slide show and took us to the blockhouse.  I was surprised and a little bit mortified to see that my Fort Yukon pictures are SO huge and on one of the main inside doors (photo courtesy of Travis) but Katariina was the only one to make the connection!

Next we went to the science building and wandered aimlessly and finally trudged through the snow to get up close and personal with PFISR.  Then banquet at the Silver Gulch where I sat next to Colby, a bunch of other people from the RJ van, and a few others including Katariina.  It was good.

By the way, I finished my first sock!!!  And coffee consumption for PET Day3: 5 cups


  1. I didn't see your sock at the Westmark, but I'll check at Poker. Let me know if its status is no longer: misplaced.

  2. Still no sock! It's probably shoved into some dark corner of my bags; hopefully it is. Otherwise I'll be back to having one sock and a baby hat once I finish this one.