Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winter carnival ice sculptures.

One of the best of my ice sculpture pictures is of the angel riding the scary monster - Meghan says that Erik really liked this one!  But sadly I didn't end up getting a very good picture of my favorite which was an angry bird trying to hatch an Easter egg.  The carnival has tons of single and multi block ice sculptures which are very impressive.  Some of the sculptures are carved into ice slides to entertain the little kids and grad students.  Fortunately, Stefan Eriksson was able to save me from being driven crazy for all eternity by informing me of when/where I met him.  It turns out we had dinner together (with others) a mere 2.5 months ago at AGU.  So sad that I couldn't figure that out; AGU seems so long ago!

Went to dinner with some people after the trip and when we got back the internet was down so I was completely unable to access my blog - oh the horror!!  That's why I'm having to post during the morning talks.  Shh! don't tell.

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