Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CASCADES2: Night 2.

Nowhere near as stressful as night 1 but busy until the last hour.  One computer for the narrow field cameras was full, so unable to store images, but I could NOT figure out how to mount the external hard drive.  Hanna saved the night and we quickly got the cameras up and running.  Focusing was much easier as I have borrowed a real flashlight (no more cell phone!), but some pointing directions looked better focused than others???  Today (Tuesday) I took the dome inside to clean with Windex (as Hans instructed) but couldn't find any dome polish to remove the scratches.  :o(  I may have to open the dome cover during launch (15 minutes or so) to get a clear view.  The plan is to get the cameras focused before the window opens for night 3.  Getting closer and closer to being ready!

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