Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going home! I think.

Yay! It looks like I'm going to get out of here, Alaska Air has resumed the flights that were cancelled yesterday because of the volcano. I will be VERY happy to get back to NH--no offense to Glenn who won't get to hang out with me and Pat who won't get another chance to not hang out with me--because I'm starting to get sick. One of these people I've been around should be a little bit less liberal with their germs in the future.  Meghan (who's also sick) and I think it was Hickman based on his face-rubbing performance of what NOT to do to avoid spreading germs.

When Kristina and I were looking at optical data last night we noticed that I made an appearance in our UNH camera footage at around T-2 minutes when I went to open the dome box.  At least I was quick about it!

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