Thursday, March 19, 2009

CASCADES2: Night 4, freaky bird thing.

No launch yet but we had several close calls that served as good practice runs for me; heck I'm even starting to feel prepared, it's crazy.  But not much to report as far as the rocket and science go.

Look here.  This in one seriously ticked off tawny frogmouth!  Frogmouths are not to be confused with owls but are more closely related to nightjars, another kind of bird that nobody has heard of.  Is anybody else reminded of Jurassic Park?  I wonder if this is what Marc will look like on Monday if we haven't launched yet.,383,NS.html

Anyway, I have become a (really inefficient) sock making machine - sock #3 is finished and it's a flip flop sock.  Looks like I could use some new flip flops, they are NASTY.

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