Monday, March 23, 2009

Church, mushers, belly dancers, and dinner.

Sunday morning I was way more tired than I had hoped considering all I did the day before was sit in a car dozing off for 9 hours and then go out to eat and drink.  Although I must have been pretty tired that night because I crawled into bed with all of my clothes on and a cell phone in my back pocket!  But I woke up like a good girl and went to mass with Meghan which, in addition to some ibuprofen and 16oz of coffee, helped to ease my killer headache.  After eating a cookie we went out to see the dog mushers finishing a race in town and then to the local craft sale where I got Fritos and more coffee while watching the entertainment including an irish folk musician and some belly dancers--not performing together.  (They wouldn't stop moving so they're kind of blurry.)

Jay and Hickman ended up there too and let me tell you, they take their crafts seriously.  Later on the five of us (including us 3 Wedgewood girls) got together for some Thai food; I think I tapped my remaining energy reserves just eating that food so I sat on the couch not moving for a few hours before managing to drag myself to bed at an unreasonably late hour.  Meghan left us late Sunday night so now I guess I'm not a sidekick anymore because there can't be a sidekick in a party of one.

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