Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PET workshop: Day 2.

Yesterday morning Meghan and I made a mad dash to the local coffee shop for some chai/latte during our 30 minute break.  It's a cute place with good drinks, fancy baked goods and Kitto Katsu (for Japanese tourists with a sweet tooth?) --the only item name in the shop that is translated into Japanese.

Just before lunch us carless people were assigned to drivers to get to the Fairbanks Winter Carnival to see the ice sculptures.  "The three of you left over" (including Brian Walsh, me, and Meghan who wasn't going anyway) were assigned to ride with Antonius.  During the afternoon talks we worked on our knitting some more; my sock is getting close to being finished.  At one point, Meghan saw that a yellow twist tie had appeared on her sweater.  Still don't know where it came from...

The question came up of who is the side-kick, me or Meghan?  The conclusion is that it's probably me because she gets here first in the morning and she's the driver.

Coffee consumption for PET Day2: 5 cups


  1. The yellow twist tie!! It's the mystery of the universe I've decided. And it's blowing my mind.

  2. It just materialized out of nowhere!

  3. just lying there! lying right there on my sweater there!