Sunday, March 15, 2009

Obligatory camera update.

Saturday was rather stressful for reasons including me being dumb, items being misplaced, and experienced people being unavailable to assist me. But today I wizened up, Glenn found our cable, Hanna emailed, and I talked to Hans on the phone all leading to a very productive Sunday. :o) The steering works, the computers are on (and I can ssh to them!), the dome is deiced (look at those cameras is the ice free dome!  I sure hope it stays that way.), the new UNH camera setup is functioning (but why can't our GPS get a signal?), and the window is insulated with foam.

Hopefully the last couple of steps - turning on the taco cameras and focusing the UNH lens - go smoothly so that I can start practicing my steering. I'm a little bit nervous because it requires a lot of adding/subtracting on the fly and I haven't done much of that since about 4th grade. I couldn't help but feel a little bit glad when Meghan told me it is super windy at Poker so far - windiness would give me some extra practice time!

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