Monday, March 16, 2009

CASCADES2: Night 1.

Last night was pretty rough! Minus 45F and I was outside for a good 1/4 of the launch window making adjustments. Let's just say, focusing a camera by yourself is a pretty miserable job when the camera is outside (especially in the dark using my cell phone as a flashlight!) and the monitor is inside. In fact, I still have some fine tuning to do tonight once it gets dark enough. Also, I am having Hanna's problem of the dome icing up when the heat in the box is low and the cameras becoming noisy when the heat in the box is too high. So that was a fun thing to play around with last night during the launch window. Oh yeah, and as of last night I have yet to get a GPS timestamp!  All of that fussing around didn't leave much time to practice my adding/subtracting so I was pretty darn nervous when the count got down to T-2 minutes. I haven't even had my practice run! but the aurora doesn't wait for anyone.

Meghan was kind enough to hang a "missing" sign for me so hopefully someone will come across my sock:

Update:  I found the sock!  It was under a bunch of books in my backpack.  Thanks Meghan for dedication to the search!

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