Saturday, March 14, 2009

Toolik Field Station orientation.

We have a fancy heated outhouse to use for the winter since it is waterless. I am afraid I'll drop toilet paper into the toilet instead of the garbage can, as the sign politely asks, but so far there haven't been any mishaps.

Due to the water situation (our "dorm" is out of running water so it is all in jugs) I will NEVER be able to take a shower while I'm here. The sauna can be used fairly often and I am told that (somehow) we are able to get clean in there. Oh well, I have been a little cold since I got here so that should help keep the stink down.

I was given a travel mug "for coming here in the winter" but was told that I need a nickname to label it with so nobody steals it. Since I couldn't come up with anything Tom chose "Jonesin" because he figured (accurately) that I must be Jonesin for a rocket launch.

We have an awesome snack selection here at Toolik Field Station, in particular the lone box on Lemonheads - I hope nobody eats them because it's pretty amusing.