Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sauna sweat bath.

According to a sign on one of the buildings, Toolik Field Station (TFS) is only 150 miles from the coast and is named not after a lake but after a river (what's up with that!?!).  Toolik is an Eskimo name for the common and yellow billed loons.

So Monday was my first day of trying to get cleaned up in the sauna.  I'm not sure how well I performed but I came out smelling more like soap than feet (probably because I didn't rinse well enough) and my hair is no longer totally skanky.  That's probably some sort of improvement.  Below is a not-very-good picture of me and Flat Olivia in the sauna (she's hard to see but she's there).  Of course I didn't bring my own towel, but I was told that during the winter I can use pretty much any towel hanging in the sauna.  I'm now sweat sisters with anyone who has used the pretty lavender towel.


  1. It was a nice trip, Sarah! Exploring place and learning their culture, even in a short time, sounds exciting! How I wish I could do the same. Anyway, your sauna experience sounds amazing! Your photo shows how much you enjoyed it.

    ------>>> Lucy Eury