Thursday, March 26, 2009

The end of it all.

Hey everybody, thought I would end this blog with the update that I just took my first hot shower since coming back to NH!  I'm clean again already!!  I have been managing quite well; not wearing my coat to the bathroom, throwing my toilet paper in the trash, forgetting to flush, or forgetting to rinse the soap off of my hands.  I feel like I should take this final opportunity to apologize to Pat for giving him a hard time for not keeping me company at the airport; I thought his flight was 24 hours earlier than it actually was and I don't think they will even let you check in that early.

I'll also take this chance to promote my new blog which I'm hoping will acheive the "average" of 1 reader (if I can only remember to reread it from time to time): 

Maybe some of you would like to peruse it looking for inappropriate pictures; sorry guys, I did not choose the 18-and-up rating, this blog will be appropriate for general audiences. 

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