Friday, March 13, 2009

PET workshop: Day 5.

PET workshop day 5 will be me riding in a truck for 10 hours to Toolik Lake with Joe and a bunch of crates.  It will probably be equally as fun as sitting through the remaining talks; however, Meghan will be losing her sidekick.  I sure hope Joe is chatty!

Last night we went to Poker and the unthinkable happened - the skies were clear AND there was beautiful aurora to watch.  Hopefully I can get some pictures from one of the many folks with nice cameras.  Totally worth looking like this today (see photo).

Coffee consumption for PET Day5: 4 cups so far
(and I can't see that getting much higher because I think we make one stop during the trip)


  1. You might not want to know it, but PET workshop day 5 included pie for the snack break!

  2. Yeah? Well I have nerds and lemonheads here at Toolik Field Station!